Introducing SLING Watch Party - a beta feature for our favorite customers (like you!) to check out. Connect with friends either across the street or across the country to watch your favorite shows, sports and movies on SLING TV. 

Please note: Sling Watch Party is intended for customers that are 18 years of age or older.

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The Basics

Starting, Joining & Viewing a Watch Party

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The Basics

What does “beta” mean?

The Sling Watch Party beta is a new feature, but you can still use everything included and share with your friends. You're getting special access, and we welcome your input on how to improve the Watch Party experience.

We’ve added a short survey to the end of the Watch Party experience. Make sure to let us know what you liked, what you didn’t and how we can make the Sling Watch Party better.

Who can host a Watch Party?

If you're a SLING customer, you can host a Watch Party:

  • Host an unlimited number of Watch Parties

  • You can host one Watch Party at a time

Who can join a Watch Party?

All SLING customer can join a Watch Party. Friends and family can join one time, they won't need to be a SLING customer to join a Watch Party.

How many people can join a Watch Party?

Up to 4 people, including the host, can join a Watch Party.

What programming can be viewed during a Watch Party?

Start or join a Watch Party to watch liveOn Demand or Lookback content. 


Please note that at this time, Watch Parties are not available with certain content, including:

  • Local channels

  • Regionally blacked-out content*

  • Rentals

  • Pay-Per-View events

  • Premium or standalone channels

  • Programming recorded on Cloud DVR

* If hosting or joining a Watch Party from a region that is blacked out

Get more information about blackouts >

What devices can I use for a Watch Party?

You can host or join a Watch Party on your computer using a Chrome browser.

At this time, Watch Party is not supported on browsers for smartphones or tablets, or on other SLING-compatible devices.

Watch Party Pro Tips

For the best viewing experience, we recommend wearing headphones when in a Watch Party, as audio from the programming being viewed as well as your friends chatting can be confusing.

Starting, Joining & Viewing a Watch Party

How do I start a Watch Party?

Using the SLING browser app on Google Chrome, find and select a show you’d like to watch with friends, then choose the Create Watch Party icon. 

From the pop-up, select either Email to send an email to friends, or Copy link to paste in instant messages, social media, etc. Remember, you can share this link with up to 3 friends.

Your Watch Party is now set up! If you’re going to view a live show, game or movie, you’ll see a timer showing how long until your program will begin. Once the timer reaches zero, hit Start Watching to begin the party. 

For On Demand shows, choose Start Watching to start the party whenever you’d like.

How do I join a Watch Party?

Joining a Watch Party is easy, whether you're a SLING customer or not:

I'm not a SLING customer

Follow the link you receive from the host, and enter your email address, a unique password and the ZIP code where you'll be watching from to sign up for a SLING account (no credit card required). You can join one Watch Party with your account.

When you're ready, hit Sign Up.

You'll be taken directly in to the Watch Party, where you'll just need the host to hit Play for the party to start.

I'm already a SLING customer

As a SLING customer, you can join unlimited Watch Parties, provided you and the host have the same service. When you receive the link to join, hit Sign In, and enter your SLING email address and password. 

  • If you and the host have the same service, you'll be taken directly to the Watch Party
  • If you and the host have different services (ex: you have SLING Blue and the host has SLING Orange), you'll be able to join one Watch Party on that different service

Can I chat with friends during a Watch Party?

Of course! Chat using text or live video during a Watch Party.

  • For text chat, click the speech bubble icon in the lower-left corner of your screen, type your message and hit Enter to send. Hit the X to close the chat window
  • Find controls to toggle your microphone and/or camera on or off at the bottom of the screen
    • Additionally, select the arrow next to either icon to adjust settings such as volume or video quality

You can also click any users' video icon to mute them (hosts will have additional privileges).  

Find additional camera and microphone settings by selecting the three dots in the lower-right corner of the Watch Party screen and selecting Settings.

Can I pause, rewind or fast-forward during a Watch Party?

The availability of player controls such as pause, rewind and fast-forward may vary by channel and whether you're watching live or On Demand programming. 

Note that only the host of a Watch Party will have access to these controls (if available).

What settings are available in a Watch Party?

Both the host and guest(s) will have access to the following video settings for their own devices during a Watch Party:

  • Volume 
  • Full screen
  • Closed Captions
  • Video quality 

Note: For poor connections or low streaming signal strength, reducing video quality can prevent potential technical issues such as buffering and/or loss of connection. For best results, we recommend using a hard-wired internet connection (if available). 

Move your mouse over the video playing to access volume controls, closed captions and to enter/exit full screen mode.

Video quality settings can be accessed by selecting the three dots in the lower-right corner of the Watch Party screen and then choosing Manage Video Quality. 

How do I leave or end a Watch Party?

Guests can leave a Watch Party at any time by selecting the red hang up icon at the bottom of the Watch Party screen, or by closing the browser window.

Once a host selects the hang up icon or closes their browser window, that will end the Watch Party for everyone

Additional Questions

How long does a Watch Party last?

The party doesn't have to stop just because your show ended. 

The SLING Watch Party (beta) will not automatically end once the programming you were watching is over. A Watch Party will last for up to 10 hours, so hang out and talk about the show you just watched. 

If you were watching a live show, whatever is on next will begin playing automatically.

What happens when I leave a Watch Party?

Hosts and guests that are SLING customers will be taken to the SLING browser player when leaving a Watch Party. Once in the browser player, either find another program to watch, or start another Watch Party.

If you're not a Sling customer, you'll be taken to Sling Free, where you can browse our collection of free live and On Demand content.

Learn more about Sling Free >

What happens if I lose my connection during a Watch Party?

If you're the host of a Watch Party and your connection drops causing you to be kicked out of the party, you'll have 10 minutes to re-join before the party ends for everyone

If you're a guest and a poor connection causes you to be dropped, you'll need to re-join the party using the link provided by the host. Note that re-joining will count against your three Watch Party passes (if applicable).

Please note that if you're disconnected from a Watch Party due to technical reasons, our agents are unable to add additional passes to your account.

Try these tips to prevent potential loss of connection:

  • If possible, try using a hard-wired (ethernet) connection 
  • Disconnect or power off any other devices that may be using your network connection, such as TVs, phones or other smart devices
  • Once in a Watch Party, use lower video quality settings
  • Disable your camera 

Will programming be subject to blackout during a Watch Party?

Blackout rules are determined by the leagues, sports associations, content owners and networks that purchase the rights to broadcasts. Our agreements sometimes require us to black out content for various reasons. 

Most commonly, sporting events broadcast on a regional sports network and simulcast on a national sports network will be blacked out on the national network in each participating teams' home market. This will be true even on channels that aren't available on SLING TV.

As an example, if you live in Los Angeles and start a Watch Party with a friend in New York to watch a Yankees game on ESPN, if that game is being broadcast on a regional sports network in New York, your friend will receive a blackout message when trying to watch the game. 

Get Help

I'm getting an error when trying to join a Watch Party

If you follow the link to join a Watch Party and receive a message that the Watch Party does not exist, contact the host. They may have accidentally sent you and older or expired link

Additional reasons you may receive an error:

  • You're using a non-supported browser or device
  • The Watch Party you're trying to join is full
  • You've already used your Watch Party pass
  • You may see error 4-412 in these cases

I need help troubleshooting video playback issues

Many video playback issues are due to low internet connectivity or bandwidth.

Try these tips to prevent potential loss of connection:

  • If possible, try using a hard-wired (ethernet) connection 
  • Disconnect or power off any other devices that may be using your network connection, such as TVs, phones or other smart devices
  • Once in a Watch Party, use lower video quality settings
  • Disable your camera 

Additionally, the following steps can help with most common technical issues:

  • Disable any VPN or ad-blocking software you may be using
  • Clear your browser cache
    • On Chrome, this can be done by selecting Settings (3 dots in the top right) > History > Clear Browsing Data
  • Make sure your Chrome browser is up-to-date
    • To check for an update, select Settings (3 dots in the top right) > Update Google Chrome

Troubleshooting Camera/Microphone Access Issues

When starting or joining a Watch Party for the first time, we’ll ask for permission to access your camera and microphone for video chat. If you block this access initially and would like to enable it at a later time, you can do so through your Google Chrome settings:

  • Open Settings

  • Select Advanced

  • Select Privacy and Security

  • Choose Camera, then select

  • On the camera drop-down, select Allow

  • Repeat for Microphone

If you have any issues with granting SLING access to your camera or microphone, try disabling any ad blockers or VPNs that may be active.