With 8-Day Replay, shows are automatically saved and can be viewed for up to 8 days after they air (on most International channels). This feature is free, ensuring that you’ll never again have to choose between your favorite show and a night out.

About 8-Day Replay

Which devices does 8-Day Replay work on? 

8-Day Replay is available on all devices. 

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How much does 8-Day Replay cost?

8-Day Replay is absolutely FREE with every SLING subscription.

Will 8-Day Replay delete shows and movies after I watch them?

Nope! You can watch content on 8-Day Replay as many times as you want, up to 8 days after it airs.

How can I tell if a channel offers the 8-Day Replay feature?

All you need to do is check the “Schedule” ribbon in the “Channel view” of your guide. If you see a tile to the left of the show that’s currently on, the channel offers Replay. Note: This is not true for Apple TV.

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Does 8-Day Replay take up storage on my devices? 

Nope! Because 8-Day Replay is still streaming content, nothing is being stored on your device. 

Using 8-Day Replay

How do I access 8-Day Replay’s saved content? 

  1. Select a channel using the Channels view of your guide.

  2. Scroll down to the Schedule ribbon, where all of the available 8-Day Replay content appears to the left of the content currently airing.

  3. Scroll, swipe, tap, or press left on the Schedule ribbon to see any previously aired episodes. 

Additional 8-Day Replay questions

Do I still have to watch commercials?

Simply start watching and pause or forward through the commercials. Note that you will not be able to take action on controls when the timeline is grey in color. Limited based on commercial-type.

Can I record content saved with 8-Day Replay?

After a show airs for the first time, there is no way to store it on your device. If you would like to save content, be sure to set your Cloud DVR to record before the show goes live.

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