Adding Sports Extra to your subscription to catch more of your favorite sports is easy.

First, choose whether you'd like to add Sports Extra online at, or add it directly through the Sling app (on select devices).

Have more questions? Find answers to some frequently-asked questions at the bottom of the page.

Add Sports Extra on

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Sign in

First, head to and sign in with your email and password.

image of the sling account sign in screen

Forgot your password? No worries! Go here to reset it.

Choose Change Subscription

Once you've signed in, select Change Subscription on the My Account page.

image of subscription page with change subscription highlighted

Find Extras

On the Edit Your Subscription page, you'll see a check mark next to your current base service. Below that, you'll see an option for Extras with your current service. Select this to expand a list of available Extras.

Locate Sports Extra on the list, then select +ADD. 

image of edit subscription screen with Sling Orange + Sling Blue highlighted

image of change subscription screen with extras highlighted

image of change subscription with sports extras highlighted

Review Changes

Once you've selected Sports Extra, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Review.

The next page details your current subscription, what you're adding, what the cost will be for adding Sports Extra and what your new monthly bill will be going forward.

If you're satisfied with the changes, hit Submit Order.

image of review subscription changes

image of submit screen with button highlighted

Start Watching

You're all set! Your new channels should be available within a few minutes. 

If you're already watching, you may need to close and re-launch the Sling app on your device.

Add Sports Extra in the Sling app

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 Note: In-app purchases not available on all devices

Go to My TV

Once you're in the Sling app, scroll over to the My TV tab.

Scroll down through the different options to find a ribbon called Add Premium Channels & More.

Once there, scroll over to locate Sports Extra.

image of My TV with Add Premium Channels highlighted

Select & Add

Once you've located Sports Extra, highlight and select the tile.

A pop-up will appear with a description of the service, the cost, and a list of the channels you'll be receiving.

Select +Add to add Sports Extra to your subscription.

Confirm Your Purchase

Once you select +Add, you'll see another pop-up asking you to confirm your purchase.

Select Purchase to finish up.

image of in-app upgrade confirmation pop-up

Start Watching

You're all set!

Your new Sports Extra channels should be available within a few minutes. 

On some devices, you may see an additional pop-up stating that the app will be restarted. Select OK on this, and the app will reset automatically. Once completed, your new channels will be available. 

image of confirmation pop-up

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Sports Extra cost?

Sports Extra is $10/month in addition to the cost of your base service.

What channels do I get with Sports Extra?

The channels you'll receive vary depending on whether you subscribe to Sling Orange or Sling Blue.

Go here to see what channels you'll get with Sling Orange + Sports Extra or Sling Blue + Sports Extra.

How am I billed for adding Sports Extra?

Charges for extras are collected immediately and billed at a prorated rate for the remainder of your monthly service period. 

You'll be able to watch your new programming within minutes - if not immediately. 

On your renewal day, you'll be charged the full price for your new service.

How many devices can I watch Sports Extra channels on?

The number of devices you'll be able to watch Sports Extra programming on varies depending on your base service.

If you have Sling Orange, you'll be able to watch your Sports Extra channels on one device at a time.

With Sling Blue, you'll be able to watch on three devices at a time.

How do I remove Sports Extra from my account?

To remove Sports Extra, log in to your account at and select Change Subscription.

Select the Extras option next to your base service to expand the list of extras. 

Scroll down and find Sports Extra with a check mark next to it.

Click or tap to remove the check mark. The icon will change to say +ADD. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Review. Finally, on the next page, select Submit Order.

Sports Extra programming will be removed from your subscription on your renewal date, meaning you'll be able to watch Sports Extra programming until that time.