The SLING free experience is a way for you to check out SLING and what we have to offer with no commitments.

Watch as much free content as you'd like, and come back at any time as often as you'd like to find live news from ABC News Live or browse free shows and movies suitable for the whole family - many from the same channels you'll find with a SLING subscription.

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Will I be billed?

Nope! Just like the name says, the SLING free experience is totally free to you.

As a free user, you will have the option to rent movies or purchase Pay-Per-View events. For these, you will need to create an account by adding an email address and password along with billing information. However, if you don't start a SLING subscription, you won't be billed outside of these one-time purchases.

Note: If you've added billing information for Pay-Per-View purchases or movie rentals, you can restrict future purchases by enabling parental controls. Learn more about parental controls.

How do I find the free experience?

Sling Free is available on select devices and web browsers:

Browsers - visit

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari


  • Amazon Fire
  • Android
  • LG TV
  • Roku
  • Samsung TV
  • XBOX

On your device, you'll need to install the SLING app. Once you've launched the app, select Explore Free Shows (or similar) to start watching.

We're hoping to have this experience available on additional devices in the coming months.

What will I see?

When you first launch the SLING free experience, you'll be placed on to our My TV page. Here, you can view our top free content, as well as see what other Slingers are currently watching. 

Under the Guide tab, you can view content available from each channel in the free experience. If a channel has free live programming available, you'll see this in the guide. If the channel says See all available content, select this to view available Video On-Demand titles.

What if I'm already subscribed?

If you're already a Slinger, you already have free content included with your SLING subscription. You can find this free programming included at the end of your SLING guide.