If you’re having trouble logging in to the SLING app or your account, there may be an issue with one of the following:

Keep reading for more information and to learn about actions you can take to resolve these errors.

Email Address

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Forgot Email Address

If you’re not sure which email you should use to log in to SLING, you can recover it using the Forgot Username/Email? tool. 

Recover My Email >

Old Or Incorrect Email Address

If you no longer have access to the email address you used when signing up, or believe there may be a typo in your email address, please use the Contact Us link at the very bottom of this page to connect with us by phone, chat or social media, and we’ll be happy to help you out.


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Forgot Password

Follow the link below to request a password reset.

Reset My Password >

You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password. Note that this email can take up to 15 minutes to arrive. 

  • If you receive the email and the link directs you to your My Account page and asks for your current password in addition to the new password, select Sign Out, then follow the link again

  • Not receiving the email? Double-check that the email address you entered was correct. Check your junk/spam folders to make sure the email isn’t being sent elsewhere, and try adding noreply@sling.com to your email contacts

Account Locked

For security reasons, after five unsuccessful attempts are made to sign in to your account, it will be locked for 30 minutes. Resetting your password will allow you to unlock your account. 

Make sure you’re signed out of your account on sling.com before resetting your password.

Reset My Password >

Unauthorized Access 

If you believe someone may have gained unauthorized access to your account or subscription information, from your My Account page, change your password and then log out of all devices where you’re currently signed in.

Go To My Account >

Errors And Loading Issues

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Login Errors

Most error codes received at sign in are related to either an incorrect email address or password. Double-check the information entered and try again. 

If your information is correct and you continue seeing an error, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the error.

Additionally, if you experience errors logging in to My Account or the SLING app on a browser, if you use a VPN or any ad-blocking software, try disabling it.

If you're using Google Chrome, try using incognito mode to log in:

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + N 
  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + N

Loading Issues

If you’re experiencing an issue such as an unresponsive loading screen or a generic error message, try the following:

Login "Looping"

You may experience an error on an account login page where after selecting Sign In, you'll be looped back to the sign-in screen and asked for your email and password again.

If you experience this error, there are a couple things you can attempt:

  • Instead of sling.com/signin, visit sling.com/account or watch.sling.com to sign in
  • If you're using an ad blocker or VPN, try disabling these services before signing in

Otherwise, you may need to enter your login credentials multiple times before you'll be logged in to your account.