Find known issues being investigated by our team here. With all known issues, we hope to have a permanent solution available in a coming update. When a workaround is available, we'll have steps listed you can try to resolve the issue. Once an issue is resolved, it will remain visible on this page for 30 days following the deployment of a fix. Choose an option below to see more information:

Important Note: If you're experiencing an issue listed here, select Report This Issue to let us know. If you would like to contact us, please note that agents may not have specific troubleshooting available, but will be able to log any additional details of the issue.

App and Device Issues 

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LG TV Sign-In

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Users may see an error message or a 19-2 error code when attempting to sign in to the SLING app on their LG devices.
Please try the following steps in order:
1.) Update the SLING app >
1.) Reset your password >
2.) Hard reset device (unplug for 10 seconds)
3.) Reinstall the SLING app >

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iOS 14 Permissions

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
With the update to iOS 14, iPhone and iPad users will see a popup when first launching the SLING app asking for permission to connect to devices on the local network.

If you're casting to a Chromecast or using OTA DVR, choosing Don't Allow may impact your usage on these devices.
You can change these permissions by opening Settings, scrolling down to & selecting Sling TV, then toggling the Local Network setting to ON.

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Cloud DVR Player Controls

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
When trying to use player controls (FF, RW, Pause) on an in-progress Cloud DVR recording, you may notice that controls are not available.Exit playback, and from the My TV screen, scroll down to Recordings. Find and play your recording from there

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Account and Website Issues 

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Unable to Cancel

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Customers are reporting that they are unable to cancel their subscriptions after logging in at sling.comTeams are currently investigating this issue.

If during the cancellation process you're asked to sign in again, please do so. You'll be able to complete the process after logging in a second time.

Some other potential workarounds for this issue include:
- Use incognito or private browsing mode
- Disable any ad-blockers or VPNs
- Use Google Chrome browser (if available)

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AirTV Coupons

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Coupons for $25 of Sling credit that came with AirTV products not ordered through show an expiration date of 12/31/2019. Sling will continue to honor these coupons.To redeem, visit and follow the instructions on your screen.

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Resolved Issues

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Missing Sports Extra Channels

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Customers subscribed to SLING Orange are reporting that Sports Extra channels are missing from their subscriptions.We do not currently have a workaround for this issue, however, teams are engaged and working to resolve.

Thank you for your patience.

Error 12-47

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Customers on LG TVs and Samsung Smart TVs may receive a 12-47 error code when opening the app.Receiving this error means the internet connection may have been lost during login. Please try resetting your router or internet connection.

Additionally, please update your SLING app to version 2.30.1.

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Error 21-37/6-25

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Customers may see error 21-37/6-25 when trying to view programming on ESPN3.Updating to the latest app version on your device can help resolve this error.

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Gift Cards

Issue DescriptionWorkaround (if available)
Online gift card processing is currently unavailable.

Please note that agents are also currently unable to add or update gift cards.
Our teams are currently engaged, and we're working to restore gift card processing as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Additional Questions

How can I report a Known Issue?

To report a known issue happening in your Sling TV app, you can select Report This Issue beneath each issue to let us know. Additionally, with the app open, please visit Settingsthen Supportand select the option to Enable Debug Logging to send a report to us.

Important Note: If you're experiencing an issue listed here and would like to contact us, please note that agents may not have specific troubleshooting available, but will be able to log any additional details of the issue.

How long do Known Issues take to fix?

The length of time to resolve a Known Issue can vary depending on the severity of the issue, the number of people impacted, and what steps will be needed to provide a fix. As such, we don't provide estimates for timelines in resolving Known Issues, as we cannot guarantee a fix will be deployed on a given date. In some cases, we may need more information to determine the root cause of an issue. 

How will I know when Known Issues are fixed?

When a fix has been deployed, a Known Issue will move from the App and Device Issues or Account and Website Issues to the Resolved Issues section of this page. Resolved issues will remain visible for 30 days after their resolution. If you can confirm the Known Issue you've experienced has been fixed and you had previously enabled debug logging on your device, please disable it at that time.

Are all Known Issues published?

Not all Known Issues are published, as they are resolved quickly, don't affect you at all, or there may not be a workaround available yet.