When will the MLB season begin?

The MLB season will begin on July 23rd, 2020. Follow the link below to view national games available on SLING TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What services and channels do I need to watch MLB Baseball?

If you're new to Sling TV this season, select MLB games are on NBC Regional Sports Networks, which are available in select markets with our Sling Blue service.

Check below to see where to find your team on Regional Sports Networks available on Sling TV:


Oakland Athletics
NBC Sports California
San Francisco Giants
NBC Sports Bay Area

The following national channels will show select MLB Baseball games throughout the upcoming season:

Sling Orange
MLB Network
Sling Orange + Sports Extra; Sling Blue + Sports Extra
MLB Network Strike Zone
Sling Orange + Sports Extra; Sling Blue + Sports Extra
Sling Orange; Sling Blue
FOX (in select markets)
Sling Blue, Sling Orange + Sling Blue
Sling Blue, Sling Orange + Sling Blue

Additional channels may add games as the season progresses. Please check back here for what you'll need to see those channels.

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How do I find my game?

To quickly find your channel, you can use the Sports filter, so your guide will only show sports channels. Learn more about using filters hereYou can also set channels showing games as favorites on the My TV screen, so you'll quickly be able to tune to those channels when games are on. Learn more about My TV here.

What MLB games can I watch on Sling TV this week?

Check out our weekly sports schedules to see which games are available each week:

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Game dates, times, and networks subject to change. Device and blackout restrictions may apply.

What is MLB Network Strike Zone?

Get commercial-free up-to-the-minute MLB highlights, updates and more when live game telecasts air on MLB Network Tuesday and Friday nights. MLB Network Strike Zone also offers the most updated scores, standings and stats throughout the MLB season.

MLB Network Strike Zone is included with your subscription to Sports Extra.

What devices can I watch MLB Baseball on?

MLB Baseball can be viewed on all devices that are compatible with Sling TV, including your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Click here to see all the devices that support Sling TV.

Ready to watch a game right now and don't have time to get to a TV? Visit watch.sling.com and start watching right from your Google Chrome browser on PC or MAC!

Will MLB games be blacked out?

Note: Some games may be blacked out due to local blackout rules, or because Sling TV doesn't have the rights to broadcast a game. Impacted subscribers will not be able to watch the game unless it is also on a local broadcast network, available either through your Sling TV subscription, or with an over-the-air antenna. For more information on blackouts, please click here.

If you receive a blackout message on a Regional Sports Network you receive through Sling TV and believe this may be in error, or if that channel is missing from your guide, click here for steps to troubleshoot the issue.

MLB Network Blackouts: Select games will be blacked out in the markets of teams playing. In some cases, an alternate game will be shown on the MLB Network alternate channel, available in your guide. The alternate game will only be available in those markets where the game is blacked out on the primary MLB Network channel.

Example: If the Reds are playing the Pirates on MLB Network, that game would be blacked out in both the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh markets. The Cubs versus Braves game would be available on the MLB Network alternate channel in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Please note that not every game subject to blackout will have an alternate game available.