If you noticed that the Sling app looks a little different, you’d be right! Apple TV users can now get the first look at a new Sling TV experience.

We’ve added a few changes to make getting around the app and finding your favorite content even easier. Let’s take a look. Choose an option below to see more information:


 The first changes you’ll notice will be on your My TV screen. For managing your channels, favorites or recordings, we’ve moved the Manage icon to the front of the ribbon and made it orange.

You'll also find that the icon currently in focus is outlined in blue, making it easier to pick out what you're selecting.

The icons for your favorite channels have also changed. Now instead of just telling you, they'll also show you what's currently on that channel.

Finally, if you're tired of scrolling back and forth looking through what you have saves in your My TV ribbons (because if you're anything like us, there's a lot), not to worry! Now, when you've scrolled all the way to the right of a ribbon, you'll be looped back to the beginning.

Recommended for You

Another change you’ll find on your My TV screen is the new Recommended for You ribbon.

Take the guesswork out of what to watch tonight, as Recommended for You suggests live shows and movies based on what you already like to watch. Now, you can quickly find the programming you already love, and you might discover something new!

Important Note: Movies and shows in “Recommended for you” will use any parental controls set up on your account. Locked content may show up in your suggestions, but with parental controls activated, your family will not be able to watch any restricted programming. Learn how to set up parental controls here.

This feature is currently only available on the Apple TV. It will be available on additional Sling TV-supported devices in the future.

Guide Views

The guide experience on Apple TV is now slightly different. There are two views available: the Grid View, and the Channel View. Use the Grid View just like the grid guide you're used to. the new Channel View will show you the schedule, On-Demand, and Previously aired shows. Keep reading for more information.

Grid View

If you open the guide on your Apple TV, you'll notice the Grid Guide now has two distinct sections. The bottom is the same grid guide experience you're used to however, the top now has a short description of the show or movie highlighted, including program length and rating details. 

If you prefer the Channel View, you can quickly toggle between the two views by swiping left on your remote's trackpad and clicking either Image View or Guide View. You can also change guide views by clicking the channel icon from either guide view.

Want to add a new favorite? Just highlight the channel icon in your guide, then press and hold the trackpad on your Apple TV remote to add a new channel to your favorites. Not feeling it any more? No problem! Just highlight the channel icon again, and press and hold the trackpad to remove the channel from your favorites.

You'll also see that channels you've favorited now appear in the guide with a heart next to the icon. These channels won't be grouped together in the guide, but like before, you can use the My Channels filter to show only your favorite channels.

Speaking of filters, those can now be accessed by scrolling to the left of the channel column in the guide. Click the trackpad on your Apple TV remote to choose a filter to apply.

We've added some new filter options as well! You can now sort all your channels by category (default), or you can choose to sort all of your channels from A-Z! Note: If you're subscribed to Sling Orange + Sling Blue, you might see duplicate channels in your guide when choosing this option.

Highlighting and selecting a channel icon will take you to the Channel Guide view where you'll be able to see available On-Demand content for each channel.

Channel View

Use the new channel view to easily find current and upcoming programming, Lookback, and On-Demand shows.

Just like before, you'll see a Schedule ribbon, and any On-Demand content will be located below the schedule. Scroll down on your remote trackpad to find this programming.

If the channel you're watching has our Lookback feature, instead of scrolling backward through the guide, you can now find this in the Recently Aired ribbon. Find it just like you would other On-Demand programming!

Once you find a show or movie, click the trackpad on your Apple TV remote to start watching.

You can also long-press on the trackpad to bring up a description of the show. If you're subscribed to Cloud DVR, you can also choose to record your program from this screen.

Shows and movies

You'll notice a new look when you select a show to watch On-Demand. We've added an image of the series or movie, and a brief summary.

You'll also find that if a show has multiple seasons available, you'll quickly be able to jump between those seasons. Scrolling episodes will automatically jump between seasons as well. Once you select an episode to watch, a quick press on your remote trackpad will start playing your show; a long click will bring up individual episode information. 

Player Controls

When watching a show or movie, tapping the trackpad of your Apple TV remote will bring up full player controls. When accessing full player controls, you'll notice the screen may get slightly darker, and along with a progress bar, details of the show or movie you're watching will show up in the top corner of your screen.

From this screen, you'll also be able to start a show over, get additional info about the program you're watching, record what you're watching with Cloud DVR, turn closed captions on or off, and if you're watching an On-Demand program, favorite it for later. Note: Restarting shows may not be available on every channel. Cloud DVR is available for an additional fee, and not all channels are able to be recorded. Click here for more information.

You can also access a "quick" version of the player controls which features only the progress bar by clicking the trackpad on your remote.

Clicking the left or right side of the remote trackpad will allow you to rewind (10 seconds) or fast-forward (30 seconds) what you're currently watching. Important Note: This feature not available on all channels/programs.

Swiping left or right on the trackpad while streaming will allow you to rewind or fast-forward, as well (on available channels/programs). 

If rewind or fast-forward isn't available on a program or channel, you'll see the following message (or similar) on screen:


Last but not least, we're adding a clock to certain screens, so you'll always know how much time you have to catch your favorite show just in case you drop your phone between the couch cushions.

You can find the clock on the following screens:

  • Bringing up "full" player controls while streaming by tapping the remote trackpad
  • When bringing up info on a show in the grid guide by long-pressing the trackpad on your remote
  • When selecting a show to view On-Demand

Not seeing the update? Head to the App Store on  your Apple TV, then under Purchased, scroll down to All Apps, then find and select Sling TV. If the update is available on your device, you'll see an Update icon beneath the app description.