Previously, if you used the Instant Replay button (shown below) on your Roku remote, you would see up to the last five channels you viewed since opening Sling.

To view your previous channels now, just hit the OK button. This will bring up your player controls, and Last channel will be highlighted. Hit OK again, and you can see up to 5 of the previous channels you've watched since opening the Sling app. 

What is Instant Replay used for now?

Miss a play in the game you were watching, or couldn't understand a line of dialogue? Hitting the Instant Replay button will allow you to quick-rewind twenty seconds to see it again. If you'd like, you can also set up captions to display when you hit Instant Replay from your Roku menu by selecting Settings, Captions, then Instant Replay. 

Note: This feature is not available on all channels.