With the 2018-2019 NBA regular season underway, make sure you have what you need to catch the most action.

What services and channels do I need to watch NBA basketball?

If you're new to Sling TV this season, most games are on FOX and NBC Regional Sports Networks, which are available in select markets with our Sling Blue service. 

Check below to see where you find your team on Regional Sports Networks available on Sling TV:

FOX Sports Arizona
FOX Sports South
Hornets, Grizzlies
FOX Sports Detroit
FOX Sports Florida
FOX Sports Sun
Heat, Magic
FOX Sports Midwest
FOX Sports Southwest
Pelicans, Mavericks, Spurs, Thunder
FOX Sports North
Timberwolves, Bucks
FOX Sports Ohio
FOX Sports Southeast
FOX Sports Prime Ticket
YES Network
NBC Sports Bay Area
NBC Sports California
NBC Sports Chicago
NBC Sports Washington

Click here for more information on how to find your game on a Regional Sports Network with Sling TV. 

The following national channels will show select NBA basketball games throughout the upcoming season:

Sling Orange; Sling Blue
Sling Orange
Sling Orange
ESPN3 (including games broadcast on ABC)
Sling Orange
Sling Orange/Sling Blue + Sports Extra

If you're already a Sling TV subscriber and want to add additional services like Sports Extra to your subscription, you can do so right from the Sling TV app on select devices. Click here for details, or select My Account in the top corner of this page to make changes to your subscription immediately. 

Additional channels may add games as the season progresses. Please check back here for what you'll need to see those channels.


With NBA LEAGUE PASS and NBA TEAM PASS, you can watch the out-of-market regular season NBA matchups you've been missing. Lifelong San Antonio fan living in Brooklyn? Or maybe you're a fanatic that wants to see the biggest and best matchups every night. NBA LEAGUE PASS and NBA TEAM PASS let you follow your favorite teams, players, and matchups if you're in one city, and they're in another! 

Add NBA LEAGUE PASS or NBA TEAM PASS easily by logging in to your account at sling.com and selecting Change Subscription. Under Standalone Subscriptions, select Show More. Here, you can select NBA LEAGUE PASS to view all out-of-market games, or choose your team with NBA TEAM PASS. 

For more information on NBA LEAGUE PASS and NBA TEAM PASS, click here

What NBA games can I watch on Sling TV?

Visit Game Finder using the button below to see which games are available in your area:

Game Finder

Game dates, times and networks subject to change. Device and blackout restrictions may apply.

Games aired on Regional Sports Networks may be available on an alternate channel. Check your guide to find alternate channels. Click here for more information.

What devices can I watch NBA basketball on?

NBA basketball games on Sling TV can be viewed on all compatible devices, including your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Click here to see all the devices that support Sling TV. 

Ready to watch right now? Visit watch.sling.com and start watching right from your Google Chrome browser on your PC or MAC!

Note: If you'd like to view NBA basketball games on Sling TV from your smartphone or tablet, for the best viewing experience, make sure to enable location services:

Enable location services on iOS
Enable location services on Android
  1. From the device home screen, tap Settings
  2. Select Privacy > Location Services > Sling TV
  3. Ensure that While Using the App has a check mark next to it
  1. On the device home screen, tap the Settings icon
  2. Select Location > Google Location Reporting > Location Reporting
  3. Toggle the switch to ON

Will NBA basketball games be blacked out?

Note: Some games may be blacked out due to local blackout rules, or because Sling TV doesn't have the rights to broadcast a game. Impacted subscribers will not be able to watch the game unless it is also on a local broadcast network, available either through your Sling TV subscription, or with an over-the-air antenna. For more information on blackouts, please click here.

If you receive a blackout message on a Regional Sports Network you receive through Sling TV and believe this may be in error, or if that channel is missing from your guide, click here for steps to troubleshoot the issue.