Sling TV offers select Pay-Per-View programming such as boxing, mixed martial arts, and other special events.

Check below for details on upcoming events, how to order a Pay-Per-View event, and how to watch the event you ordered.

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Upcoming Pay-Per-View Events

More events coming soon.

Stay tuned for details!

Ordering Pay-Per-View Events on Sling TV

Note: Pay-Per-View purchases are non-refundableOur agents cannot process orders for Pay-Per-View events.

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How to order Pay-Per-View events on

How to order Pay-Per-View events in the Sling app

Order Pay-Per-View events on your Amazon device

Prevent accidental purchases by setting up parental locks. Learn how here

Watching your Pay-Per-View Event

Watch your purchased Pay-Per-View events on all compatible devices, including your TV, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The number of devices you can watch events on at one time varies by event. Make sure to check the event details, as we'll let you know how many devices you can watch on. 

Note: Certain events may be unavailable on specific devices. Check the event details for information on any device-specific Pay-Per-View blackouts.

Once purchased, Pay-Per-View events will show up as the first channel in your guide as Sling PPV. Once your event begins, select the channel like you would any channel on Sling TV!

Make sure you're viewing your event on a high-speed internet connection. Pay-Per-View purchases are non-refundable, so we want to make sure you have the best viewing experience!

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Watch your Pay-Per-View event

Additional Questions

Can I record Pay-Per-View events with Cloud DVR? 

Pay-Per-View events are usually not available to be recorded, but normally do have replay available after the event. Make sure to check the event details for the length of time replay will be available, as it may vary by event. 

How many streams can I watch Pay-Per-View events on?

The number of available streams can vary by event. We'll let you know the number of streams available in the event details. 

I purchased a Pay-Per-View event but don't see it in my guide, what can I do?

Start by closing and relaunching your Sling TV app. If this doesn't work, sign out and back in .