Local programming on Sling TV from NBC and FOX is only available in select cities to Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Sling Blue subscribers. Your location determines your Designated Market Area (DMA) and which channels you can receive. Check below to see where live local programming is available with Sling TV:

New YorkAvailableAvailable
DetroitNot AvailableAvailable
BostonAvailableNot Available
Washington, DCAvailableAvailable
AtlantaNot AvailableAvailable
HoustonNot AvailableAvailable
Miami/Ft. LauderdaleAvailableAvailable
Orlando/Daytona/MelbourneNot AvailableAvailable
Tampa/St. PetersburgNot AvailableAvailable
GainesvilleNot AvailableAvailable
Hartford/New HavenAvailableNot Available
Dallas/Ft. WorthAvailableAvailable
AustinNot AvailableAvailable
MilwaukeeNot AvailableAvailable
Minneapolis/St. PaulNot AvailableAvailable
PhoenixNot AvailableAvailable
SeattleNot AvailableAvailable
Los AngelesAvailableAvailable
San Francisco/Oakland/San JoseAvailableAvailable
San DiegoAvailableNot Available

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Don't see your city listed?

If you don't see your city listed above, click the button below to see if any local channels may be available in your area:

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What service do I need to get local channels?

You can get NBC and FOX (where available) in our Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Sling Blue services. 

If you have an AirTV device and an over the air (OTA) antenna, you can watch all of your local channels on the SLING free experience.

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Why don't you have local channels in my city?

The local channels offered on Sling TV are limited to those owned and operated by their respective network.

How can I still watch local channels?

For broadcast network content that Sling TV does not offer, such as CBS, the CW, or PBS, or if NBC isn't available in your area, you can use an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to enjoy that channel.

Click here to see what channels are available over the air in your area. If you leave your local area, you may receive different local channels, if available with your subscription.

I get local channels with Sling, but they're not in my guide. 

If you're watching on a smartphone or tablet, make sure location services are enabled on your device. 

To enable location services on your iOS or Android device:

Enable location services on iOSEnable location services on Android
  • From the device home screen, tap Settings
  • Select Privacy > Location Services > Sling TV
  • Make sure that While Using the App has a check mark next to it
  • From the device home screen, tap the Settings icon
  • Select Location > Google Location Reporting > Location Reporting
  • Toggle the switch to ON

If you're missing a local or regional channel on a different device such as a streaming device or Smart TV, CLICK HERE for additional help.

Can I get more local channels with an AirTV?

Watch local TV anywhere.

Stream the free local channels you love and more on SLING when you bundle your SLING subscription with an AirTV and an HD antenna. Just pair with your favorite streaming device!

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If you're missing a local or regional channel on a different device such as a streaming device or Smart TV, CLICK HERE for additional help.

The Sling TV local channel offering is dependent on your level of service, your geographic location, and Sling TV’s contractual and other rights to distribute local channels.  Not all local channels may be purchased from Sling TV today, and some local channel content may include blackout restrictions. Explore our channels and discover what service you need to receive them here.