If you’re a sports fanatic, our Game Finder tool is the easiest way to find all the biggest matchups each week, whether you’re looking for a specific game, or you just want to browse what’s available. Visit Game Finder by selecting the button below:

Game Finder 

How to use the Sling TV Game Finder

First, choose which sport you're looking for (not all sports are available at this time, but we're working on expanding what sports you can search in Game Finder).

Search available games by team, city, school, or date. If you’d only like to see games available specifically in your area, search by your ZIP code.

If you’re looking for a specific matchup, click Calendar. All dates that are in bold are dates with games available.

We’ll let you know the time, date, and channel of each game, as well as the service(s) you’ll need to watch on Sling.

Game Finder will show games that might not be available in your area or might not be available on Sling but are available to watch in other ways. Choose an option below to get more information.


This game is either on a local channel or Regional Sports Network that is available in select markets only. Enter your ZIP code in the search box at the top of the page to see if the game is available in your area. 

  • If the game IS available, the matchup tile will change to show which service you'll need to watch the game:

  • If the game is NOT available, the matchup tile will show that the particular game will not be available in your area on Sling:


This game is on a channel not available with Sling TV. If you receive this message for a local channel such as FOX, NBC, or CBS, the game may be available over the air in your area. Click here to see channels you can get for free using an antenna. Note: Local broadcast channel availability varies based on geography.


This game is not available on TV.