Many of our Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) have alternate feeds for overflow content. When searching for your game, be sure to check all your regional network feeds. This includes your RSN's alternate feed, usually located at the end or bottom of your Sling TV channel guide (depending on if you're using the Channel or Grid view).

As an example, a customer who lives in San Francisco will see NBC Sports Bay Area in the Sling TV guide. This customer will receive NBC Sports Bay Area (a full-time channel), along with NBC Sports Bay Area alternates. Content could be on either the primary channel or on one of its alternates. 

Full-time Channels

The following are full-time Regional Sports Networks:

NBC Sports Bay Area
NBC Sports California
NBC Sports Washington

Blackout Rules

Your RSN may blackout certain games, either for certain ZIP codes or for the entire region. Also, if a game is airing on an RSN and a national channel, the RSN takes precedent and it will be blacked out on the national channel. For instance, if a Golden State Warriors playoff game is on ESPN and NBC Sports Bay Area, the game will be blacked out on ESPN in the market where NBC Sports Bay Area is available. Keep in mind, these national/regional blackout rules apply whether or not Sling TV carries the regional channel.

The Regional Sports Network(s) you receive with your Sling Blue subscription will be based on your billing ZIP code. If you leave the eligible location, the channel(s) will disappear from your guide until you return. You do not receive the RSNs in an area you travel to if you are not entitled to them based on your home billing ZIP code.

Looking to see if your team is available on Sling? Check out our Game Finder tool to look for games in your area:

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