SLING TV is now available on select Xfinity X1 devices for customers with SLING International subscriptions.

SLING Orange, SLING Blue, SLING Orange + SLING Blue, and select Latino services are not available to be viewed on the Xfinity X1 platform. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to get SLING TV on Xfinity X1?

Any Xfinity customer with X1 TV and Internet service is eligible. Click here to see a list of compatible X1 devices. If you don’t have an X1 box and would like to swap, please contact Xfinity at 1-800-Xfinity for details. If you’d like to sign up for SLING TV on Xfinity, click here.

How am I billed for SLING TV on Xfinity X1?

Your SLING TV bill is separate from your Xfinity bill, and will not appear on your Xfinity statement. To find your SLING TV billing date or view your billing history, log in to your account at Your billing date will be listed under Your Subscription, and you can find billing history details by selecting View Billing Details. 

How do I find SLING TV on Xfinity X1?

Locate the SLING TV app by searching for “Sling” from the Xfinity menu, or if you have a voice-enabled remote, by using the phrases below to locate the app.
You can also find SLING TV by pressing the Xfinity button on your remote, then select Apps. The SLING TV app will be under the Featured or Entertainment ribbons.

If you have voice search capabilities, try using the following phrases to locate Sling TV:
· SLING TV app
· Go to SLING TV
· Go to SLING
· Open SLING
· Launch SLING TV
· Launch SLING
· Watch SLING TV
· Launch SLING

I already have a SLING TV subscription. Can I watch on my Xfinity X1 device?

Sure! Any SLING TV subscriber can view their International programming on Xfinity X1 devices. Once you’ve located the SLING TV app, select Sign In to use the app as you would on any other compatible device. 
Note: While any Sling TV domestic or Latino programming you subscribe to will be visible in-app on your Xfinity X1 device, you will not be able to view programming on those channels. 

How do I navigate SLING TV with my Xfinity X1 remote?

Up, Down, Left, Right arrows
Navigate guides and menus
OK or Enter buttons
Select options like menus or programming
Last button
Return to the previous channel (while streaming)
Exit, Guide or Xfinity buttons
Will exit the Sling TV app from any screen

For details on using SLING TV, such as how to navigate the guide or finding Video On-Demand content, use the search bar at the top of this page to find what you’re looking for.

Why does video on some channels not fill the screen?

Some international channels stream their programming at a different aspect ratio, which means that you may see video displayed less than full screen (letterboxed).

To resolve this, select Settings (the gear icon in the top corner of your app)then select Zoom to fill screen.  

Can I record shows on my Xfinity X1 device?

Currently, Cloud DVR is not available for SLING on Xfinity X1 devices. However, many International channels offer a Lookback feature. 

Learn About Lookback And On-Demand >

How do I troubleshoot issues on my Xfinity device?

If you’re experiencing problems with your Xfinity X1 device such as Internet connectivity or navigation issues, contact Xfinity at 1-800-Xfinity for assistance. If you’re experiencing an issue while using SLING TV, such as buffering, freezing, or you see an error code, we have troubleshooting help available.

Get Troubleshooting Help >

How do I manage my SLING TV subscription?

To make changes to your account, sign in to your My Account page with the email and password you used when signing up.

Go To My Account >

If you’d like details on a specific account management feature such as updating you card on file, adding a new extra service, or cancelling your SLING TV subscription, use the search bar at the top of this page to find what you’re looking for.