If you're seeing an issue such as a black screen, a blue screen, no picture, or "snow" while attempting to view OTA channels, there are a number of factors that could cause these errors. Try the steps below to resolve your issue:

Make sure your antenna is installed properly

Refer to your OTA antenna manual for setup instructions. If you're using a digital converter box or other receiver, ensure that the device is receiving power, and any cables are properly connected.

Make sure that your TV is tuned to the correct input 

On most TVs, you can cycle the inputs by selecting the Input button on your remote, or the TV itself
  • The input your TV should be tuned to may vary depending on if you are using a cable directly to your TV, or running through an additional device such as a digital converter
  • Check your TV's instruction manual for additional details

If you're using a device such as an AirTV or AirTV Player, please disregard this step.

Run a channel scan

On most TVs, this option will be in the Settings menu, or somewhere similar. Check your TV's instruction manual for details
  • If you're using an OTA antenna connected to your AirTV Player, click here for details on how to scan for channels
  • If your antenna has recently been moved, connected to a different TV, or had a channel scan run during bad weather, it could cause you to be missing some content