If you're missing a channel when viewing content over the air, the signal you're receiving from the provider may not be strong enough, or you're receiving interference such as weather or obstructions between your antenna and the broadcast tower. Try the following steps to resolve the issue:

Important Note: Between now and 2020, many broadcast TV stations will be moving to new frequencies. If you're using an antenna to watch your local channels and are unable to find a channel you had received previously, try re-scanning for channels. No new devices or equipment are needed to re-scan.

Make sure you should be receiving the channel

Visit antennaweb.org to verify which channels are available in your area, as well as the antenna type needed to receive them.

Scan for channels

On most TVs, this option will be in the Settings menu, or somewhere similar. Check your TV's instruction manual for details
  • If you're using an OTA antenna connected to your AirTV Player, click here for details on how to scan for channels
  • If your antenna has recently been moved, connected to a different TV, or had a channel scan run during bad weather, it could be causing you to be missing some content

Re-position your antenna

If you're using an indoor antenna model, try placing it on or near a window for optimal resolution.
  • You can also use the FCC's DTV reception map available here to properly orient your antenna
  • Once you're repositioned your antenna, try the previous step again