Using an over-the-air (OTA) antenna is a great way to supplement the programming you watch with Sling TV.

  • Get FOX or NBC if they aren't available with Sling TV in your area. You can also get local channels not available with Sling TV like CBS, the CW, Telemundo, or PBS (where available)
  • Watch your favorite local programming, news, and sports such as NFL Football
  • The best part? You can get this programming absolutely free! You only pay for the cost of the antenna, which are available through most local electronics retailers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Antennas

Aren’t antennas outdated?

Antennas have been around for a long time, but have come a long way from the days of having a family member hold the bunny ears over their head while standing on one foot to try and get a signal. 
Nowadays, programmers send out their signals digitally, meaning that not only will you get to see your OTA programming in high definition, but you can also see channel and program descriptions, and depending on your TV, a guide which shows upcoming programming on the channels you receive.

What channels can I watch with my OTA antenna?

Click here to see a listing of local channels you can receive at your address, and whether you’ll be able to receive them through Sling TV, with an indoor antenna, or with an outdoor antenna.

Check here for some additional tips on placing your OTA antenna.


What type of antenna do I need?

The type of antenna you’ll need depends on a few factors: How far away you are from a broadcast tower, the terrain surrounding where you live, and possible obstructions such as trees or buildings. 

Urban Areas
An indoor antenna should be able to deliver the content you’re looking for if you live in an urban area, or a close-in suburb. Indoor antennas are typically about the size of a phone book, and can attach to a window or wall. For a few tips on setting up an indoor antenna, click here.

Rural Areas

Rural areas are typically further away from broadcast towers, meaning it can be much more difficult to receive a stable signal with an indoor antenna. An outdoor antenna with an amplifier would be the best way to ensure you’re still able to receive the channels you’re looking for.  Not sure what type of antenna you should look for? Click here for recommendations.

What do antennas look like?

Indoor antennas are typically about the size of a phone book, and most can attach to either a window or wall.

Outdoor antennas can come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Models can vary depending on their available range, and if they are uni-, multi- or omni-directional.

Want to learn more about OTA antennas?

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