If recent Cloud DVR recordings are not appearing in the Recordings ribbon on your My TV screen, try going to the full recordings menu by selecting Settingsthen DVR

Additionally, make sure that your Cloud DVR isn't at capacity. Once you reach recording capacity, your oldest unprotected recordings will be automatically deleted to make room for new recordings. To check your recording capacity, select My DVR from the Recordings menu on your My TV screen. Learn more about checking Cloud DVR capacity.

You can also check your current Cloud DVR subscription to make sure you have enough space to record the programming you want:

Cloud DVR Option
Storage Capacity
Cloud DVR Free10 hoursFree to all Sling subscribers
Cloud DVR Plus50 hours$5/month

You can check which Cloud DVR service you currently have in your Sling app by going to Settings > Account. If you'd like to upgrade to Cloud DVR Plus for additional storage capacity, learn more about adding Cloud DVR.

If you recently switched from Cloud DVR Plus to Cloud DVR Free, ensure you didn't have any protected recordings carry over. If protected recordings add up to more than the 10 hours of cloud storage offered with Cloud DVR Free, new recordings may be skipped. 

If you're still unable to locate your recording, check the channel you recorded the program from to see if it's available On-Demand. Click here for details on finding On-Demand movies and shows.