Most compatible LG Smart TVs will come with Sling TV pre-loaded on the webOS launcher bar once your Smart TV is connected to the Internet. If you don’t already see the Sling TV app on your Home screen, you’ll need to download it. Follow the steps below to download the Sling TV app on your supported LG Smart TV.

Start by returning to your LG home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote. Then select Search.

Enter “Sling” using the on-screen keyboard and select Search.

Highlight and select the Sling TV app.

Select Install.

Allow the download and installation process to complete.

Once the download is complete, click Launch to open the Sling TV app! Then sign in with your Sling TV credentials, or if you’re not already a Sling TV customer, start a free trial.

Note: If you don't see the Sling app available in the LG store, your device is likely not compatible with Sling TV. Click here to see other ways of streaming Sling TV.