Sling TV is billed on a monthly basis, unless you signed up with a prepaid service offer. As a Sling TV customer, you will be billed in advance at the beginning of your 30-day service period.  The day of the month your bill is charged is based on the date you signed up for Sling TV, for example, if you signed up on November 7th, your bill will reoccur 30 days later on December 7th. Payments are automatically deducted from your valid debit or credit card on file.   

Please see below for additional answers to common billing questions. If you’d like to learn more about our billing processes, please refer to our Terms of Use for further details. 

How am I billed if I change my subscription?

Your regular billing cycle date will remain the same if you change your subscription.   

How am I billed if I add programming?

Charges for any add-ons are collected immediately, at a prorated rate for the remainder of your monthly service period. You can begin viewing your new programming within minutes if not immediately.  On your renewal date, you will be charged the full price for your new service.

How am I billed if I remove programming?

If you choose to remove an extra service that you currently subscribe to, the change will take place on your renewal date, meaning you will be able to watch your previous subscription until that time. 

Can I change the day my Sling TV payment gets taken out each month?

You can! Customers with monthly Sling TV subscriptions can now change their billing date. Please select Contact Us at the very bottom of this page, and our agents will be happy to assist.

Important Note: Sling TV customers currently taking advantage of a promotion (annual plan, device bundle, etc.) are not eligible to change their billing date at this time.

Can I pause my Sling TV subscription? 

You bet! 

If you're moving, traveling, or just need a break from Sling for a bit, you can now pause your subscription.

To do so, sign in to your account at and select Cancel Subscription. You'll be presented with the option to pause. Select Pause My Subscription.

Next, select how long you'd like to pause your subscription for: One, two, or three months.

Important Note: Your DVR recordings will be lost if you select to Pause for longer than one month.

Once you've selected how long you'd like to pause your subscription for, select Next.

Finally, review the details on your Pause, including the date it will take effect, the date your subscription will restart, and what you'll be subscribed to when it restarts. Select Confirm Pause to finalize.

The Pause will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle and will automatically restart on the date shown. 

If you'd like to restart your service before the automatic restart, log in to your account at and select Restart Now.

Important note: Customers currently taking advantage of a promotion (prepay device bundle, annual plan or free trial), customers using only a Sling TV gift card as a payment method, customers that signed up through their device (excluding Roku), customers that signed up through an affiliate retail partner or customers that are using Amazon Pay are ineligible to pause their accounts at this time.

We'll see you soon!