With Sling TV's Cloud DVR, you can record movies, full series, your favorite episodes of shows, and more. While Cloud DVR functionality isn't available on all channels, check out how easy it is to watch the TV you love on your time.

About Cloud DVR:

What devices can I get Cloud DVR on?

Cloud DVR is available on all devices except the Xfinity X1 platform. For more information on devices that support Sling TV, click here


How do I add Cloud DVR?

You can add Cloud DVR by logging in to your account at sling.com and selecting Change Subscription. For additional help, click here

On select devices, you can add Cloud DVR straight through the Sling TV app. Just look for the Add Channels & More ribbon on your My TV screen. Click here for more help.

How do I remove Cloud DVR?

To remove Cloud DVR from your subscription, log in to your account at sling.com and select Remove DVR under Your Subscription. 

How much does Cloud DVR cost, and what is my storage capacity?

Cloud DVR users receive 50 hours of storage for $5 per month. It's easy to manage your recordings, and we'll make sure you always have enough room for your favorite shows by automatically deleting the oldest-watched recordings as you reach capacity.

Can I buy more Cloud DVR storage?

Not currently.

What channels can I record with Cloud DVR?

Cloud DVR functionality is available for all live content, except for the following channels:

  • All Disney and ESPN channels
    • This includes, Freeform, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney JR, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Bases Loaded, and the SEC Network
  • On-Demand only channels, including Local Now

Can I fast forward through commercials?

Cloud DVR allows you to fast forward through commercials on all your recordings, except for select channels. For these select recordings, you'll be shown a Video On-Demand version of your recording, which does not allow you to fast forward through commercials.

Using Cloud DVR: 

How do I record a show?

Simply find a show you'd like to record, select the title from the guide, then select the Record option. For certain shows, you can choose to record all episodes, any upcoming new episodes, or only the current episode. To see how it works, click here

How many shows can I record at once?

As many as you'd like! Never miss an episode and experience conflict-free recording by breaking free from tuners that restrict you from recording several programs at once. Record an episode on one channel while watching a movie on another or record all your favorite shows at once while catching a game. 

Can I save or protect my recordings?

If you'd like to watch an episode over and over, you can choose to protect your recordings from being auto-deleted if you reach your storage capacity. 

Simply choose the Protect option when selecting a program to record. 

How do I manage my recordings?

Your Cloud DVR will automatically delete the oldest-watched recordings when more capacity is needed. If you'd like to manage your recordings manually, start from the Recordings ribbon on the My TV screen. Here, you can see your current recordings. 

Scroll to the end and select My DVR, and the next screen will show you the amount of storage remaining, a list of items you've recorded, and the option to Manage.

If you've recorded a single episode of a show, select the episode tile to either watch, record the series, delete the recording, or protect it from auto-deletion if you reach storage capacity.

If you have a series recorded, Cloud DVR will automatically group these under a single tile with the number of episodes available listed. Select the tile to view individual episodes. If you'd like to delete a specific episode or episodes, select Manage. 

Please note that if using a device where Cloud DVR is not available, you will not see this option.

Can I download my recordings to view offline?

Recordings cannot be viewed offline.

Can I record local channels?

If you receive local programming through Sling TV, you can record those channels with Cloud DVR. Select customers using an AirTV Player can record local programming received over-the-air via an antenna. Click here for more information. 

Additional Cloud DVR questions:

How else can I manage my recordings?

In addition to the My TV screen, you can also manage your recordings by navigating to Settings then selecting DVR. Select Manage to see your individual recordings. Choose a recording to delete or choose Select All then Delete to remove all recordings. 

Please note that if using a device where Cloud DVR is not available, you will not see this option. 

What happens to member of the initial Cloud DVR Beta program?

Sling TV launched an invite-only beta program for Cloud DVR on Roku devices in late 2016. 

While the program is now closed, if you were a part of the Cloud DVR beta program, your services will continue as long as you remain a Sling TV subscriber.

If you discontinue your Sling TV service, your beta access will be removed from your account.

I'm having trouble recording a show, what can I do?

If you're having trouble recording a program, try searching the channel's available On-Demand titles for your episode. Video On-Demand content will be located below the Schedule in your guide. Depending on the channel, it may have a different label, such as Available Now. For more information on accessing On-Demand content, click here

Please note that length of program availability varies by channel.

If you experience an issue with Cloud DVR, use the search bar at the top of this page to search for and troubleshoot your specific issue.

Can I extend recordings?

Cloud DVR recordings cannot be extended at this time. 

When recording sporting events though, Cloud DVR will record an additional 30 minutes beyond the window for your game, to allow for overtime, extra innings, etc.  If you believe the game you're recording could run longer than that extra 30 minutes, we recommend also recording the next program in the guide, so that you won't miss a second of the action.

For example: If you're recording the Giants vs. Rockies game on MLB Network (A), you may also want to record the episode of Intentional Talk which follows the game (B), in case it goes in to extra innings.


Additionally, non-sporting events like shows or movies will record an additional 3 minutes beyond the window for the program.

Some restrictions may apply. Click here for more information.