There are a number of ways to watch your favorite local programming with Sling TV. 

Live local programming from NBC and FOX is available in select Designated Market Areas (DMAs) when subscribed to our Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Sling Blue services.

Check below to see markets that currently offer NBC and FOX:

New YorkWNYW
Washington, DCWTTG
Tampa/St. PetersburgWTVT
Minneapolis/St. PaulKMSP
Dallas/Ft. WorthKDFW
Los AngelesKTTV
San Francisco/Oakland/San JoseKTVU

New YorkWNBC
Washington, DCWRC-TV
Miami/Ft. LauderdaleWTVJ
Hartford/New HavenWVIT
Dallas/Ft. WorthKXAS
Los AngelesKNBC
San Francisco/Oakland/San JoseKNTV
San DiegoKNSD

Your location determines which channels you can receive. To see if you're in one of the above markets, hit the button below and enter the street address and ZIP code where you're watching from:

NotePlease ONLY enter the street address where you're watching from in the first box, including the street type (ex: 123 Main Street). Entering additional details such as city/state or apartment numbers may return an error. 

Search Locals


Choose an option below to see more:

How does the locals search tool work? 

Using your address and ZIP code, we'll let you know if you'll be able to receive local channels in your area, either through Sling or by using an OTA antenna. Click/tap images to see a larger version.

What the local channels search tool looks like:

Enter your address and ZIP code, then select See Available Channels

How results may appear (local channel availability may vary based on your location):

Customer has no local channels available with Sling, but all major networks available with an indoor antenna.

Customer has no local channels available with Sling; major networks are available with an outdoor antenna.

Are any other local channels available?

Additional local channels are not available at this time.

However, sporting events on ABC, such as college football and NBA basketball can be viewed on ESPN3, available with your Sling Orange subscription.

Where will local channels be in my guide?

NBC and FOX will show up at the front of your guide when you subscribe to Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Sling Blue.

I can't get locals through Sling, how can I still watch?
We still have options to make sure you can watch your favorite live local programming. Keep reading: 


In select citiesyou can watch your local channels for free using the Locast app or by visiting. The Locast app is available for your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, laptop, Amazon Fire device or Roku device. Visit Locast to see a list of available cities.

CBS All Access

For an additional cost, you can download and watch CBS programming - including NFL Football - with the CBS All Access app. CBS All Access is available on many of the same devices you use to watch Sling TV, including Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

HD Antenna

Watch your favorites live, like your local news, sports such as NFL Football and hit shows - all for FREE - when you pair an HD antenna with your Sling subscription. Get FOX or NBC if they aren't available on Sling TV in your area, and watch channels like CBS, ABC, the CW and other local channels not on Sling. Hit the button below to see what channels you can see in your area and learn how to get an HD antenna on us:

Get my antenna

Note: Local broadcast channel availability varies based on geography. 

Have more questions?

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Why should I use an HD antenna?

Did you know that by 2020, local channels like CBS, ABC and FOX could cost you over $300/year? Unlike the other guys, Sling won't make you pay for local channels. It's just one of the many ways Sling helps you keep your monthly bill low, by offering a smarter solution to get you the live TV you love.

Modern HD antennas are compact, convenient and extremely affordable, plus setting one up is easy! Just position your antenna on or near a window, connect it to your TV and let it scan for channels in your area. 

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I'm too far away for an indoor antenna, what now?

We're happy to help find the best solution for you! Visit us here to learn more.

Why aren't locals available in my city?

The local channels offered on Sling TV are limited to those owned and operated by their respective networks.

What is a DMA?

A Designated Market Area or DMA is a region usually centered around a large city that determines the programming you'll receive. Markets are usually named for the largest city or cities in the market. 

For Example: The New York DMA includes not only New York City itself, but areas where New York channels are viewed the most. This includes areas surrounding the city, as well as party of New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

The DMA you are in determines what local and regional content you can receive.

How do Regional Sports Networks work?

Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) you can receive with your Sling Blue subscription are based on your billing ZIP code. Note that you can only receive RSNs through your Sling TV subscription, and you won't be able to receive these channels over the air with an antenna. Hit the button below for more information on how RSNs with Sling TV work:

Regional Sports Networks