Protecting your account is vital to enjoying your streaming experience with SLING TV.  To help us keep your account secure and devices protected, we recommend you maintain the following precautionary measures: 

Sign Out

Make sure you’re signing out of the Sling TV app on any infrequently used, public, or shared devices. These can include work computers, devices at a friend’s house, or any device that other users might have access to.

To sign out, start by selecting the Settings icon in your Sling TV app. Note: Depending on your device, this may appear as a gear icon, or as SETTINGS in the top ribbon.

Next, scroll down to Account, then select Sign Out. 

Important Note: If you're a former SLING TV customer, to avoid accidentally restarting your subscription, make sure to sign out of your account if it's not in use. To find this option, on your Roku, Amazon or Android device, select Browse Free Shows (or Rent Movies on your Samsung, LG, XBOX One, Window 10 or browser player). You'll be taken to a menu similar to what you'd see with an active Sling TV account. Follow the instructions above to sign out.

Sign Out of all Devices

You can sign out of all devices currently using your account by logging in at Find this option under the Personal Information section of your My Account page.

Go to My Account >


Update your password periodically. Your password is your gateway to SLING TV, so let's keep it safe! When creating your password, we recommend you keep these key points in mind:

  • Your password must be between 4-30 characters
  • The longer the password, the stronger it will be. Use more characters to your advantage when building a unique password
  • Make sure your password is one-of-a-kind to your Sling TV account
  • Mix and match numbers, symbols, upper- and lowercase letters
  • Update your password

Forgot your password? No worries! Get instructions on how to reset your password >

Virus Protection

Make sure your device’s malware and virus protection software is up to date.

Finally, use the Contact Us link at the very bottom of this page to reach out to us to report any fraudulent or suspicious activity, or if you believe someone else may have access to your SLING TV account.