Our Refer a Friend program makes it super easy to be rewarded for sharing your love of SLING TV.

If a friend you refer becomes a paying subscriber to a SLING TV base service, both you and a friend will receive a discount on your subscriptions. Eligibility requirements apply; see Terms and Conditions.

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Getting Started

To get started referring your friends to Sling TV, log in to your account at sling.com. Once signed in, click the Settings gear in the top right, then click Manage Account. Finally, select the Get $15 button on the right side of the page.

Telling Your Friends

Copy your link to share with your friends directly.



Send an email to your friend with your link. Click the EMAIL button and then enter your friend’s email address in the Address Book box. Have more than one friend you’d like to refer? Enter as many addresses as you’d like, separated by a comma.



After clicking SEND EMAIL, your friend(s) will receive an email to sign up for SLING TV.



You can also share with your friends via Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Click the buttons at the bottom to share a link on your social media pages.


When your friend clicks the link, they will be directed to a page where they should click Start Watching Now to sign up.  They must sign up through this page, or we can’t track the rewards!


Receiving Your Discount


Your friend will receive an extra $5 off our current promotional prices at checkout.  For example, if the current promotion is $10 off your first month, your friend will get $15 off at checkout!  They will receive $5 off their next two bills as well.


You will receive $5 off your Sling bill for the next three billing cycles.  If your friend cancels their subscription, you will no longer receive the discount. You won’t see upcoming $5 off credits in My Account (we’re working on it), but rest assured you will get your reward too!  If you don’t see your core programming discounted by $5 on your next statement,  find the Contact Us link at the very bottom of this page and chat with us. Our agents will be happy to help you out.


Additional Information


Please note, you can only redeem one referral credit at a time.  For example, if you refer two people to Sling, you will get $5 off for the next 6 months (not $10 off for 3 months).


Congrats on being an awesome friend!