To activate your closed captions, start by launching the Player Controls Bar. Simply select the CC icon to activate or deactivate closed captions. Depending on your device, you can access player controls by selecting OK or Enter on your remote. If you're watching on your computer, moving the mouse will bring up player controls. Or, if you're watching on a smartphone or tablet, tapping the screen while watching a program will access controls. 

Selecting the closed caption icon in the player controls on an Apple TV

Note: If you're using an Apple TV, tap the remote trackpad to bring up player controls, then select the CC icon to turn on or off.

On some devices, you can also change the language, font size and color of your captions by launching your Settings, then open Closed Captions. Utilize the Service Channels to change the displayed language.

The options available for Closed Captions on the Sling TV Settings menu

Note: The in-app experience shown in this article may vary depending on your device.