Note: This feature is currently only available on select devices. 


Looking for some new channels or shows to check out, or you want to add Cloud DVR? Now, you can upgrade your subscription right from the Sling TV app!

To get started, from your My TV screen, scroll down to the Add Premium Channels & More ribbon. There, you’ll see a list of available services you’re not currently subscribed to, such as Cloud DVR, Kids Extra, Sports Extra, or premium channels like Showtime. Once you find a service you like select Add.

The next screen details the service you've selected to add, such as Lifestyle Extra. It will also specify some featured channels within that service. To add the service, select Purchase Now.

Next, select Purchase to confirm.

You'll then see a message confirming your purchase. Select Got it to close the window.

Depending on your device, you'll see a message informing you that your device will need to refresh its entitlements. After the Sling app restarts, you'll be able to see the new channels in the guide, or the new service in the app. Note: Depending on your device, this can take up to five minutes to complete. Otherwise, your new programming should be visible within a few seconds.

Also, you can confirm that the service has been added by highlighting Account under your Settings menu. Your new add-on will be visible under Package List or Services line.

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Don't see this option? You can make changes to your subscription through your My Account page.

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