Note: This article is for recording over-the-air local programming on an AirTV Player (white box). For details on recording over-the-air programming from your AirTV (black box), please visit the AirTV Website >

Already watch local channels using your OTA antenna via an AirTV Player and the Sling TV app?  Now, AirTV Player software enables you to record individual over-the-air (OTA) broadcast programming for future viewing from an antenna and the AirTV Adapter, using a compatible storage device such as an external USB hard drive or thumb drive.

What storage devices are recommended?

AirTV recommends the following USB storage devices:
·         SanDisk Ultra 128 GB Thumb Drive
·         SanDisk Cruzer Glide 64 GB and 128 GB Thumb Drive
·         Western Digital My Passport 1 TB Hard Drive
·         Western Digital Easy Store 1 TB Hard Drive
·         Seagate Expansion 500 GB Hard Drive

I don’t see the option to record my OTA channels, what should I do?

This feature is only available with version 2.0.25 or newer of the Sling TV app on AirTV Player.  To check which version of Sling TV is installed on your AirTV Player, select Settings, then Support, and check the Version field to see the app version you’re currently using.

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Click here for details on how to check for an update to the software of your AirTV Player.

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Important Note: OTA recording capabilities will not allow you to record channels you receive with your subscription to Sling TV. For information about our Cloud DVR service, click here