The best way to enjoy Sling TV is on your big screen. Most LG webOS 3.5 now support Sling TV.

Sling TV is currently available on the following models: 

2016 Models

OLED G6, OLED E6, OLED C6, OLED B6, UH9500, UH8500, UH7700, UH7500, 75UH6550, UH6550, UH6500, 70UH6350, UH6300, UH6030, UH6150, UH6100, UH6090, and UH5500.

2017 Models

OLED W7, OLED G7, OLED E7, OLED C7, OLED B7, OLED B7A, SJ9750, SJ9500, SJ8570, SJ 857A, SJ8000, SJ8500, UJ7700, SJ850A, UJ6300, UJ6470, UJ657A, UJ6540, UJ6500, and UJ6300.

2018 Models

W8PUA, G7, E8PUA, C8PUA, C8AUA, B8PUA, SK9500PUA, SK9000PUA, SK9000AUA, SK8070PUA, SK8070AUB, SK8000PUA, SK8000AUB, UK7700PUD, UK7700AUB, UK7700PUD, UK7700AUB, UK6570PUB, UK6570AUA, UK6500AUA, UK6500AUA, UK6300PUE, LK610BPUA, LK610BBUA, LK5400PUA, LK5400BUA, LK540BPUA, LK540BBUA, LI5100, LI5000.  

Don’t remember what model LG TV you have?

  • Press the Settings button on your LG Remote (the button that looks like a gear)
  • Scroll down and select All Settings
  • Scroll down to General and navigate to the right
  • Scroll down and select About This TV
  • Select OK. The TV model number will be under the TV Information section

You can also find the model information on the back of the TV.

If your device is not listed here, visit our supported devices page here to view other options for streaming Sling TV.