Your favorite live local channels on Sling TV: FOX and NBC are only available in select markets. Your location determines your Designated Market Area (DMA) and which channels you will receive. If the live local feed is not available where you are streaming, it is possible you will receive a national feed or on demand content.  To find out what's available in your location, click this button:

Show My Available Channels

If you see a channel such as FOX - WNYW displayed, it means you will receive live programming from that channel when subscribed to the appropriate service.

If you don't see a channel listed, that means that we currently don't offer live local or regional programming for that channel in your area. 

FOX and NBC On-Demand content, which is available to all Sling Blue subscribers, is normally available the morning after it first airs. Select live content is available through the NBC and FOX websites, as well as the NBC and FOXNOW apps on select devices, when you sign in with your Sling TV login details.

For broadcast network content that Sling TV does not offer, such as CBS, the CW, or PBS, you can use an over-the-air antenna to enjoy that channel. Click here to see what channels are available over the air in your area. If you leave your local area, you may receive different local channels, if available with your subscription.  

The Sling TV local channel offering is dependent on your level of service, your geographic location, and Sling TV’s contractual and other rights to distribute local channels.  Not all local channels may be purchased from Sling TV today, and some local channel content may include blackout restrictions. Explore our channels and discover what service you need to receive them here.