What programming is available for a free preview on Sling TV?

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The only thing better than free samples at the grocery store, are free previews on your TV. Check back here to find a list of the free previews we're offering, including the dates available, and which customers are eligible. For eligible customers, these free previews will automatically appear in your guide at no additional cost during the dates listed below. You can also visit for details on upcoming programming and events!


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Arabic Mosaic




Arabic Mosaic

Weather Nation7/12/20171/12/2018Sling Orange, Sling Blue


This Egyptian channel offers talk shows, news, and entertainment. Customers will be notified before the free preview ends. 


Broadcasted 24 hours a day from Egypt, IQRAA TV is the first Arabic-language channel that offers religious, media, social and economic programs tailored to the Muslim audience. IQRAA's programming includes documentaries, live talk shows, dramas, cultural and educational programs.


The Lebanese channel's programming includes talk shows, documentaries, history, classical music recitals, as well as social and spiritual programs.

Weather Nation

Weather doesn't stop and neither does Weather Nation. Tune in to the weather anytime, 24/7, to get breaking weather updates, hyper-local weather, satellite/radar maps, regional and national weather information and more.


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