What programming is available for a free preview on Sling TV?

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Last Published Date7/11/2018 3:13 PM
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The only thing better than free samples at the grocery store, are free previews on your TV. Check back here to find a list of the free previews we're offering, including the dates available, and which customers are eligible. For eligible customers, these free previews will automatically appear in your guide at no additional cost during the dates listed below. You can also visit for details on upcoming programming and events!



dmc is the first Egyptian channel with entirely exclusive content. Premium programming with rich, entertaining and interactive shows featuring top-rated Egyptian and Arab starts.

Preview Start: 5/3/2017 Preview End: TBD 
Eligible services: Arabic Mosaic

dmc Drama

The dmc Drama Service has exclusive top-rated drama. Broadcasting the latest top-level, fresh and original television series. The dmc Drama Service aims to evolve the Egyptian media and ascend again in Middle East television. The dmc Drama Service is focusing on innovative content quality featuring hundreds of hours of original and exclusive drama.

Preview Start: 10/25/2017 Preview End: TBD
Eligible Services: Arabic Mosaic


Home of the best in game show entertainment, GSN offers original and classic game shows and skill-based competition programs, including Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey; Skin Wars, hosted by Rebecca Romijn; IDIOTEST, hosted by Ben Gleib; and WINSANITY, hosted by Donald Faison. 

Preview Start: 11/1/2017 Preview End: 7/30/2018
Eligible Services: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Sling Orange + Sling Blue

JUS Punjabi

JUS Punjabi features Punjabi-language programming including comedy and drama serials, new from India and locally produced community news. JUS Punjabi also provides entertaining Punjabi music, religious and spiritual programming, including daily Gurbani and Katha, daily "LIVE" call-in shows, game shows, quiz shows, and community news briefs.

Preview Start: 4/4/2018 Preview End: 10/3/2018
Eligible Services: 
Hindi, Hindi Colors, Hindi Economy, Hindi Elite, Hindi Gold, Hindi Mega, Hindi Premium, Hindy Sony, Hindi Super, Urdu/Hindi

FreeSpeech TV

FreeSpeech TV is a national, independent, viewer-supported network. We elevate unfiltered news, views, and analysis you won't find on commercial networks, and empower our viewers to become engaged, active citizens working to build a just and equitable world. 

Preview Start: 5/24/2018 Preview End: 8/23/2018
Eligible Services: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Sling Orange + Sling Blue


America's first truly free 24/7 live channel with breaking news. Get up to the minute headlines and perspective on politics, health, finance and other information to make your life better. Each day millions of Americans turn to NewsMax online, now you can watch NewsMax TV to see the latest newsmakers and hear the latest talk that can empower your life. 

Preview Start: 5/24/2018 Preview End:8/23/2018
Eligible Services: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Sling Orange + Sling Blue

International Preview

TV5 Monde, Rai Italia, TV Globo Internacional, MBC

Preview Start: 7/11/2018 Preview End: 7/18/2018
Eligible Services: World Sports
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