What Sling TV sweepstakes are happening now?

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Here is your one stop for all of the latest updates on Sling TV sweepstakes. Best of luck!

Below are the winners from past sweepstakes:

Box of Dread Sweepstakes Winners: 

  • Steve Hergina
  • Brian Shooks
  • Benjamin Truax
  • Amanda Lucero

Football Superfan Sweepstakes Winners:

  • Porfirio Mirando
  • Wayne Halsa
  • Karen Whalsa
  • Kathy Adamcewicz

Free Preview Sweepstakes Winners: 

  • Amber Hershberger
  • Joel Kamp
  • Melanie Clark
  • Deana Evans
  • Tom Mielecki
  • Ruthy Edwards
  • Shardae Pride
  • Demetrius Daniels
  • Mark Gafus
  • Manny Suarez 
LSU Sweepstakes Winner(s):
Terry Duplantis

Ultimate CMT Nashvilee Experience:
Ben Yellets

Gana Con SLING TV Sweepstakes:
Miguel Pineda 
Ivan Arias

Current sweepstakes:

There are no current sweepstakes. Check back soon for updates. 
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