I haven't received my credit for Sling TV's Refer a Friend program, what can I do?

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If you’ve referred a friend to Sling TV, your credit will be applied to your next billing cycle, depending on when your friend becomes a paying subscriber to an eligible base service (link to eligibility FAQ) at the end of their free trial.

For example, let’s say your billing date is on the 8th of each month. If you referred a friend and they were first billed for service on the 5th, you’d see your credit applied on the 8th. However, if your friend isn’t billed for service until the 10th, your credit would be applied on your next billing cycle.

If you referred multiple friends to Sling TV, note that you’ll receive a $5 credit in consecutive months, as opposed to receiving all your credits at once. So, if you referred three friends that became paying customers with Sling TV, instead of receiving $15 off your next bill, you’ll receive $5 off on three consecutive bills.

You can refer up to 12 friends. If you’d like to check your referral stats, you can do so by signing in to your account at, then clicking the “Refer a friend” tab. Click My Stats at the bottom of the pop-up, and you’ll be sent an e-mail with the status of your referrals.

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If a friend has referred you to Sling TV and you’re unable to locate the email you received or the link you were provided, contact your friend to have them re-send the information. You’ll want to make sure to sign up for service directly through the link provided by your friend so you can both receive a credit.

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