How does DVR on Sling TV work?

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At Sling TV, we strive to give you the features you want most. Since Sling TV’s launch, customers have told us how much they love the ability to watch their favorite shows, movies, and games from anyplace. Now, with the launch of Cloud DVR, they will be able to watch these at any time.
Our DVR is incredibly simple. Use the “On Now,” “Guide,” or “Sports” tabs to find a show, movie, or game you’d like to record. Select it, then simply select Record to set a recording. For a series, record All or just New episodes. Cloud DVR functionality is not available on all channels.

Access your latest recordings quickly from My TV. Select My DVR on the My TV screen to access your entire DVR, see upcoming recordings, and manage your storage. When you reach capacity, your oldest watched recordings will automatically delete to free up space for new ones.

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