How do I use the My TV screen on XBOX One?

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My TV is all about you. Customize your viewing experience by adding your top channels to the My Channels ribbon, return to a show hours later by utilizing the Continue Watching feature and add your favorite TV shows, series or movies to the Favorites ribbon.


To add channels to My Channels, click the ADD Button. Select your channels here. A selected channel will be identified by a green checkmark on the top right hand corner of the logo. You can always add or remove favorite channels by clicking on the EDIT button located at the end of your My Channels ribbon.



If you are watching video on demand, or the channel you are watching offers the Replay feature, you can enjoy the benefits of the Continue Watching ribbon. Simply pause the show you are watching. When you are ready to finish it, visit this ribbon to resume your stream right where you left off!


Customize your Favorites ribbon by adding all your favorite on demand shows and movies.


To favorite a show, click on the TV show thumbnail and then click on the heart icon.


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