How do I rent a movie on my XBOX One?

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Not only do we offer Live TV at your fingertips, we also offer thousands of movies for rent. If you are looking to indulge in a classic or a new release, check out the Movies tab.


Select the Movies tab to launch filters. Explore our available rentals, organized by category by scrolling up or down. Ribbons are categorized by New Releases, Most Popular, Collections, Genres, and Foreign Films.


To learn more about a title, press A while on the movie poster.


Here you can rent the movie, watch the trailer, favorite it for later, or explore related content by clicking on members of the cast and crew. If you are interested in renting the movie chose Rent SD or Rent HD.


After clicking rent in SD or SD, you must click Rent again to finalize your purchase.


Your credit card on file will be charged immediately. Now that your rental has been processed, choose Start Now or Watch Later to enjoy your movie.


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