How do I navigate the guide on my Amazon Fire TV?

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To access the guide on your Amazon Fire TV, start by pressing the down arrow on your remote. You can also access the guide by opening your menu and navigating to GUIDE.

The first row includes options for filtering your channels by genre, switching the guide view, and the ability to look ahead to what’s coming up on Sling TV.

Select the date in the upper-right corner to see what will be available up to seven days.

Navigate the grid to see what’s currently streaming or coming up on each channel up to seven days in advance. To see a description of a program, highlight it in the guide and select it.

To view live content from each channel, select a channel icon.

Selecting a channel from the Grid Guide or selecting the Channels toggle will bring up the original Sling TV guide view.

Your original guide will provide channels by icon, the current Schedule and Available Now content.

Scroll right on the Schedule ribbon to see any future content. Scroll to the left to view past airings using our Replay feature for previously aired content in your schedule bar. For more information on the Replay feature click here.

All Available Now content will be displayed below the current schedule. Scroll right to see what is available! The variety of content, as well as length of availability, varies by channel.

To exit the guide, select the channel or program you’d like to watch by using the Select button on your remote.

If your Sling TV experience doesn’t look like the experience above, you will receive an update in the upcoming days.  


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