How do I fast-forward, rewind, or pause?

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Special features such as fast forward, rewind, or pause vary by channel. 

Fast forward, rewind, or pause is indicated by the color of the progress bar. A filled-in progress bar to the left of the play point indicates you may both pause and rewind your program. A full progress bar means you can fast-forward, rewind, or pause during the program, however, some on-demand programs will not allow you to skip commercials. A clear bar indicates you have no ability to fast-forward, rewind or pause the program. 

To use said features, if you're using a streaming device or gaming console, click the fast-forward, rewind, or pause buttons on your device remote or controller.

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If you're using an Apple TV, click the trackpad on your remote to pause your programming. Swipe to the left to rewind, or right to fast-forward. 

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If you're viewing Sling TV through a desktop or laptop computer, use your mouse to bring up the Player Controls Bar. You'll see the options to pause, jump 10 seconds back or 30 seconds forward.

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If you're using a mobile device or tablet, tap the screen.

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If not, you will receive the following message, “This action is not available on said channel”.

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