How do I change my subscription?

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Last Published Date3/1/2018 7:07 PM
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If you signed up for Sling TV through your Amazon device and are NOT billed through Amazon Pay, click here to learn how to change your subscription.

If you just received a Sling TV gift card and would like to redeem the gift card and change your subscription, click here

On select devices, you can change your subscription in the Sling TV app. Click here for details.

Making changes to your current subscription is easy, whether you want to add Kids Extra, remove News Extra, or add Cloud DVR. Looking for a specific channel? Explore our available channels by clicking here, and if we carry it, find out what you'll need to get your channel.

Start by signing in to your Sling TV account here.

Enter your email address and password. 

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Next, click 

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Here you can change your subscription by adding or removing available services from Sling TV and/or Sling Latino. To do so, click +SELECT to add a service, or click the check mark to remove a service.  

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To see what Extras are available to you, click on the drop down represented by the base service you are subscribed to. Note that some channels may only be available depending on your base service. For example, if you wanted to add Sports Extra to receive NFL RedZone, you would need to be subscribed to Sling Blue. Click here to see a listing of available channels, as well as the service you'll need in order to receive them. 

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Click on +ADD to add an extra. Click on the checkmark to deselect an extra. 

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This final page allows you to review your selection before the order is complete. To confirm your subscription change, click SUBMIT ORDER.  

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If you have questions about how you will be billed when changing your subscription, click here for more information.
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