How can I enjoy my Shahid programming?

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SHAHID is a premium Arabic Video On Demand service. It has the largest library of Arabic movies, shows, series and dramas – as a seamless experience without the interruption of advertisements.

Customers who subscribe to our Arabic Mosaic base service, will now be able to use their Sling sign-in information to access Shahid’s huge library of Arabic on-demand content. In order to enjoy your Shahid content follow the steps below.
1: Have an active Sling account, and be subscribed to the Arabic Mosaic or SHAHID service.
2: Download the Shahid application to your compatible Android or iOS device, or visit on your computer.
3: Sign in using your Sling TV email address and password. 

How do I install SHAHID app?
To download the Shahid application, visit your devices App Store, search the word “Shahid” and select the Shahid app when it appears.  For step by step instructions on how to install the Shahid application, click here. Or you can visit our device specific instructions on how to install Sling TV for further assistance.

Can I create an account directly with SHAHID?
No – In order to view SHAHID programming, you will need to sign-up to either the Arabic Mosaic or SHAHID service through SLING TV.
Can I access SHAHID content on the SLING TV App?
You can access SHAHID content through the SHAHID app, using your SLING TV credentials. You can also enjoy any available SHAHID video on-demand content through the Sling TV application.

Can I access content from American channels with SHAHID?
No – Programming content from American channels such as Food Network is not accessible by U.S. customers on the Shahid service. Customers can view this content through Sling Orange or Sling Blue base services.

Can I access live MBC streaming services with SHAHID? 
No – MBC live programming is not available for streaming through the SHAHID site, however, MBC live channels are available with the Arabic Mosaic service. You can enjoy MBC video on demand content through the SHAHID site.

How many devices can I view SHAHID programming on?
As a subscriber you can enjoy SHAHID content on up to five devices at the same time at no additional cost.
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