Can I record shows / Do you offer a DVR?

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Yes! Sling TV is currently offering Cloud DVR to subscribers who use Sling TV-supported AirTV players, Amazon Fire TVs and Fire tablets, Android TVs, Android mobile devices, Apple TVs, Roku™ streaming players, Roku TVs™, XBOX consoles and Windows 10 devices. All customers can add Cloud DVR “First Look” for just $5/mo with any Sling TV subscription to access 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage to record their favorite shows, movies games and more. Cloud DVR functionality not available on all channels. Click here to find out more about how Sling TV’s Cloud DVR works.

You can add Cloud DVR by logging in to "My Account" on; click here to learn how.

Sling TV has already broken down barriers around where you can watch your favorite shows, movies, and games. Now, with Cloud DVR “First Look,” we’re giving you control over when you watch. 
Users can watch their recordings from any Sling TV-supported Roku™ streaming players and Roku TVs™, Amazon Fire TVs and Fire tablets, Android TVs, Android mobile devices, Apple TVs, XBOX consoles and Windows 10 devices. This list of supported devices will continue to grow in the coming months.

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