Am I eligible for Sling TV's Refer a Friend program?

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Our Refer a Friend program makes it super easy to be rewarded for sharing your love of Sling TV. Before you get started telling all your friends though, let’s take a look to make sure that everyone is eligible to take advantage of this great offer.
Here’s the basic criteria for you and your friend.
·       Must have an active account with a credit/debit card on file and have become a paying subscriber at the end of your free trial
·       Must not have an account billed through a third party such as Roku, Sprint or Amazon
·       Cannot be billed using only a gift card or promo code
·       Cannot refer yourself
·       Can refer up to 12 friends
·       Cannot have a cancelled, expired or past due account
·       If you cancel your subscription or go in to past due status at any time, any pending credits will be lost

Your friend:
·       Must not have previously had an account with Sling TV
·       Must be in the United States
·       Cannot apply a gift card when signing up for Sling TV service
·       Cannot subscribe to World Sports or World Cricket (this includes those customers that subscribe to World Sports/World Cricket combined with another base service)
If all the above criteria are met, when your friend becomes a paying subscriber with an eligible base service at the end of their free trial, you will both receive a $5 credit to your account!

Eligible base services:
If you’re a paid Sling TV subscriber and are referring a friend, there are no limitations on the service you subscribe to. If you’ve been referred to Sling TV, you’re eligible for the Refer a Friend program with the following base services:
·       Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Sling Blue
·       All Sling Latino base services
·       All Sling International base services, except World Sports and World Cricket (note that the World Sports and World Cricket services cannot be combined with another base service to be made eligible at this time)

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please refer to our Terms of Use, available at
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